Marine students win University Doctoral medals

Drs Sarah Catalano and Owen Burnell were awarded University of Adelaide Doctoral Medals at the May 2015 graduation ceremony. University Doctoral Research Medals were established in 2009 with the first awards made at the 2010 Graduation ceremonies. Winners are selected from each Faculty for the highest quality research theses examined each year. Fifteen are awarded each year. The 2014 Doctoral Research Medal winners included Sarah and Owen - they represent two of the four medals awarded within the Faculty of Sciences.

Dr Sarah Catalano was supervised by Professors Bronwyn Gillanders and Steve Donnellan and late Ian Whittington. Dr Owen Burnell was supervised by Professor Sean Connell and Dr Bayden Russell.

Sarah's PhD thesis was titled: Dycemid parasite fauna of southern Australian cephalopod species.

Owen's PhD thesis was titled: Seagrass ecology and physiology in a locally and globally changing environment.