October 2015 news

Welcome to Dr Patrick Reis-Santos from Portugal who is spending the next year in the lab as a Postdoctoral Researcher.

We have a PhD opportunity available on "Bioenergetics and migration of tailor Pomatomus saltatrix" at either University of New South Wales or University of Adelaide. This is part of a recently funded ARC Linkage Project. More information is available here. Please email Bronwyn if interested.

Congratulations to Dr Claudia Junge who received an Honourable mention for her poster titled “Comparative population genomics of two highly mobile whaler shark species caught in fisheries” at the ICES Annual Science Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Chris, Nastaran and Brenton are attending the Australian Society for Fish Biology conference in Sydney. Nastaran Mazloumi will present an oral presentation on her work titled “The influence of temperature on the metabolic rate and swimming speed of a temperate fish”. Chris Izzo will present an oral presentation titled “Seasonally resolved environmental reconstructions using fish otoliths” and is also giving a poster presentation titled “Habitat use and population structure of a large pelagic elasmobranch based on vertebral chemistry”. Brenton Zampatti will present an oral presentation titled “Disparate responses of invasive and native fishes to engineered floodplain inundation and natural flooding” and is co-author on a presentation titled “Does the natural flow paradigm need a rethink”.

Claudia and Alexi (previous intern in the lab) are attending the Annual Meeting of the European Elasmobranch Association in Portugal. Claudia Junge is giving two talks titled “Comparative population genomics of two highly mobile whaler shark species caught in commercial and recreational fisheries” and “Combining forces: a multidisciplinary approach to unravel population structure in a heavily bycaught deepwater shark”. Alexi’s talk is titled “Species delimitation of carcharhinid sharks using next-generation sequencing and its implications for management”.

Bronwyn is giving an after dinner speech to the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering on the Spencer Gulf Ecosystem Development Initiative and giant Australian cuttlefish. Her speech will be the evening of 17th October in Whyalla.

Several members of the lab have had papers accepted in the special issue from the International Otolith Symposia held last year in Majorca, Spain. The issue is being published in Marine and Freshwater Research. Bronwyn is co-editing this special issue along with Beatriz Morales Nin and Audrey Geffen.

Izzo, Doubleday and Gillanders. In press. Where do elements bind within the otoliths of fish? Marine and Freshwater Research.

McFadden, Wade, Izzo, Gillanders, Lenehan and Pring. In press. Quantitative electron microprobe mapping of otoliths suggests elemental incorporation is influenced by organic matrices: implications for the interpretation of otolith chemistry. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Continuing on the research publication theme – Katherine Cheshire has just published her first peer-reviewed paper from her PhD research. Cheshire, Ye, Gillanders and King. In press. Annual variation in larval fish assemblages in a heavily regulated river during differing hydrological periods. River Research and Applications.