November/December 2015 news

We have several new members in the lab – Welcome to Alice Jones who has commenced a post doctoral position investigating cumulative impacts in Spencer Gulf. Welcome also to Alice Mirasole who arrives from Italy in mid December to spend 6 months in the lab as part of her PhD research.

Bronwyn and Tom presented talks at the recent SA AMSA conference in Adelaide. Tom won the best student talk for his presentation on population structure and connectivity of mulloway. Bronwyn won the best overall talk for her presentation on developing knowledge and tools to inform integrated marine management of Spencer Gulf.

Bronwyn and Zoe also attended the Cephalopod International Advisory Council symposia in Hakodate, Japan. Zoe presented an oral presentation on global trends in cephalopod populations and Bronwyn presented an oral presentation on the population structure and geographic boundary of the giant Australian cuttlefish. There were an amazing diversity of talks and it was great to go to a single session conference! Other highlights included the afternoon bus trip to the kelp factory, awesome displays of autumn leaves in some of the parks and the view from Mt Hakodate at night. It was great to see Ron O’Dor receive a Life Time Achievement Award.

With a whole range of giant Australian cuttlefish research projects winding up we held a half day symposia at SARDI Aquatic Sciences to get an overview of the range of research, how it addresses the different hypotheses about what might have caused the decline in abundance on the breeding aggregation and what research gaps remain. It is great to see an increase in abundance over the last few years.

Claudia’s research on our ARC Linkage Project on whaler sharks was featured in an eResearch SA case study:

James has completed his Honours research on partial migration of greenback flounder in the Coorong. Jasmin gave her introductory PhD seminar on reconstructing the growth and physiological history of an iconic Australian fish species. Several students are awaiting the outcome of their PhD examinations.