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Five PhD students graduate

The Gillanders Aquatic ecology lab had five PhD students graduate on Friday 29th April. It was great to see everyone back in town.

The students graduating (and their thesis title) were:

Dr Heidi Alleway - Reconstructing ecological baselines: Toward improved management in aquatic ecosystems. Heidi works for the Department of Primary Industries and Regions South Australia. Heidi's primary supervisor was Prof. Sean Connell with Prof. Bronwyn Gillanders as co-supervisor.

Dr Thomas Barnes - Population structure of a predatory demersal fish (Argyrosomus japonicus, Sciaenidae) determined with natural tags and satellite telemetry. Tom is doing environmental consulting work.

Dr Judith Giraldo - Population structure and movement of black bream (Acanthopagrus butcheri) in South Australian estuaries based on otolith chemistry. Judith is now a researcher at the University of Antioquia, Colombia.

Dr Gretchen Grammer - Using biogeochemical tracers and sclerochronologies derived from fish otoliths to detect environmental change. Gretchen now works at the South Australian Research and Development Institute. Gretchen was Dr Chris Izzo's first PhD student completion as a co-supervisor.

Dr Nastaran Mazloumi - The physiological responses of King George whiting to a changing environment. Nastaran was Dr Zoe Doubleday's first PhD student completion as a co-supervisor.

Also graduating were James Walker and Briony Chamberlayne who completed their BSc (Hons) degrees. James thesis focused on partial migration in the Coorong population of greenback flounder. He is now working at one of the Catchment Management Authority's. Briony's thesis was titled Late Holocene seasonal and multicentennial hydroclimate variability in the Coorong Lagoon, South Australia: evidence from stable isotopes and trace element profiles of bivalve molluscs. She was based in the School of Physical Sciences and is now doing a PhD.