February 2016 news update

After a refreshing break we are back on board for 2017!

Several lots of congratulations are in order – First, congratulations to Aoife McFadden whose Masters of Philosophy (Chemistry) titled “Uncovering the role of biomineralisation in otolith trace element uptake by microstructural and microchemical analysis” has just been accepted. Both examiners commented on the high quality of the thesis.

Congratulations to Nastaran Mazloumi who has just had her paper on metabolic performance and swimming speed in King George whiting accepted for publication in Journal of Fish Biology. More to come on that in a news update.

Another new paper out is one published in the Elsevier journal Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology titled “Calibrating the element composition of Donax deltoides shells as a palaeo-salinity proxy”. There is also an audioslides presentation that will be available on ScienceDirect once the paper is published. The audioslides presentation is open access – for a preview see this link.

We welcome new students to the group. Nina Wootton, Jackson Stockbridge and Josh Wright are commencing Honours and Emma Westlake and James Walker are commencing PhD’s. More on what they are working on in a subsequent news update.

Matt McMillan and Nina Wootton have just returned from the west coast bays of South Australia where they were deploying long lines and Baited Remote Underwater Video cameras to search for school shark pups and assess fish assemblages.

We’re are also recruiting PhD students for a couple of recently funded research projects. Research funding is available for both projects but students need to obtain a scholarship to cover their tuition and living expenses.

Connectivity of mulloway between estuaries and trawling grounds – a collaborative FRDC-funded project between University of Adelaide and NSW Department of Primary Industries – Fisheries. The student would use ear bone (otolith) chemistry to investigate links between estuaries, inshore trawl closures and non-closure areas, and ocean trawl grounds. Please email Bronwyn Gillanders for further information.

There are also options for PhD students associated with a recently funded ARC Discovery grant. Projects will focus around climate change effects on Australian fish and fisheries species – within this broad scope there is ample opportunity for students to focus on areas that may interest them. Please email Bronwyn Gillanders or Ivan Nagelkerken for more information.