May news update

Bronwyn attended a day session with Hugh Kearns on Building Future Research leaders. Key was there are only 168 hours in a week and that in academia there are so many opportunities that it really comes down to choosing those that will benefit you! He really focused on 2 real hours of work first thing each day before you even check your email. He is going to be a keynote speaker at the Australian Society for Fish Biology conference in Albany this year – yet another reason to attend!

We have a new research project about to commence – funded through the Goyder Institute we are about to commence work on a project titled Coastal Carbon Opportunities. The project brings together a range of researchers from South Australia and interstate and involves all sorts of cool things from sediment cores to drones. There will be more on this project in a latter news update.

There have been ~17 graduation ceremonies at the University of Adelaide over the last couple of weeks. We’d like to congratulate all the marine students but especially Dr Morgan Disspain and Dr Jennie Pistevos. Morgan also received a University Doctoral Medal awarded to just 15 doctoral graduates per annum across all areas of the University for the highest quality research theses. The School of Biological Sciences held its annual prize giving to coincide with the graduation – a further two marine doctoral students were recognized, Dr Tullio Rossi to recognise and reward outstanding all round achievement during postgraduate study, taking into consideration academic achievement, and service to the School or University, scientific societies and community; and Dr Giulia Ghedini to recognise and reward outstanding academic achievement during postgraduate study.

Congratulations to Gretchen Grammer whose research publication is now available on line in Ecological Monographs. The paper titled "Coupling biogeochemical tracers with fish growth reveals physiological and environmental controls on otolith chemistry" formed part of her doctoral thesis. A graphic of her study is the image for this post.

Another paper that is recently out is “Anthropogenic threat assessment of marine-associated fauna in Spencer Gulf, South Australia” by Will Robbins, Charlie Huveneers, Guido Parra, Luciana Möller and Bronwyn Gillanders. This paper has free access until June 24, 2017 through the following link. The paper is part of the Spencer Gulf Ecosystem Development Initiative (SGEDI), a collaboration between a broad range of industry investors, and the University of Adelaide, South Australian Research and Development Institute, a division of Primary Industries and Regions SA, and Flinders University. The program aims to reduce costs, aid development and answer environmental challenges for one of South

Australia's leading economic development zones.