June news update

Congratulations to Nina Wootton who was awarded a Nature Foundation SA Scholarship grant for her Honours research quantifying fish assemblages in South Australian Marine Protected Areas. Nina attended the awards ceremony held in early June. Nina is heading to Coffin Bay and Venus Bay for fieldwork shortly.

Well done to Matt McMillan whose Honours research has just been published in ICES Journal of Marine Science. The paper titled “Analysis of vertebral chemistry to assess stock structure in a deep-sea shark, Etmopterus spinax” was a collaboration with researchers from Norway and France. The abstract as well as full text are available here.

We have a new paper out associated with our Spencer Gulf research. The paper led by Zoe Doubleday is titled “Eight habitats, 38 threats and 55 experts: assessing ecological risk in a multi-use marine region” and is published in PLoS ONE. Our paper “Implementing marine ecosystem based management: lessons from Australia" which also features Spencer Gulf as a case study has just been accepted in ICES Journal of Marine Science. We’ll provide a link to that one once it’s available.

We’ve held our first coastal carbon project team meeting. Field work commences in June 2017 taking cores from a number of habitats and putting out surface elevation tables so we’ll provide an update once that is complete.

The 2020 World Fisheries Congress will be held in Adelaide. We’ve held a full day planning meeting at the Adelaide Convention Centre where the congress will be held. The congress will occur in the new East Building which is currently under construction due to open in August 2017. We donned hard hats and steel cap boots to view the area under construction. It looks set to be a great event – Register your interest here.

Image shows the planning meeting for 2020 World Fisheries Congress touring the new part of the Adelaide Convention Centre.