September news update

Congratulations to Troy Rogers whose poster “Where did they come from: unravelling the early life history of King George whiting” won second prize in the annual School of Biological Science Postgraduate Research day.

The annual SALA exhibition of Kangaroo Island’s finest artists was held at the National Wine Centre. The theme was the intertidal zone and Bronwyn gave the science talk at the opening on 6th August. While those that practice neither science nor art often think of the two groups as being quite different, it’s actually quite amazing the similarities between the two groups, for example, both use a feedback loop as part of the learning process involving thinking and doing. If we look back in history many of the great artists were also great scientists, take Leonardo da Vinci for example.

The Science Excellence awards gala dinner was held on 11th August with Bronwyn being a finalist for SA Scientist of the Year. Prior to the gala dinner she chatted with the Environment Institute’s Kate Luders about her research highlights and science communication. The brief video from the gala dinner can be seen here. Congratulations go to Professor James Paton, this year’s SA Scientist of the Year.

New manuscript – Alice Mirasole, who was a visiting PhD student in the lab has just had her paper titled “The influence of high pCO2 on otolith shape, chemical and carbon isotope composition of six coastal fish species in a Mediterranean shallow CO2 vent” accepted in Marine Biology. Congratulations to Alice and colleagues.

As several researchers and PhD students return from leave, Bronwyn is heading off overseas for the next 4 weeks. The end of the trip she will attend the 85th commemorative ceremony of the Japanese Society of Fisheries Science in Tokyo followed by their symposium focused on Fisheries Science for Future Generations.