2017 publication summary

The Gillanders Aquatic Ecology lab published almost 20 papers with 70 authors in 2017. Around half of our research publications featured in blog posts (some of the links are included below). Our papers span freshwater, estuarine and marine systems focusing predominantly on fish, although we had several papers on elasmobranchs, bivalves and marine mammals. Key research themes were:

  • Use of otoliths (or vertebrae/shells) as environmental (including climate) or anthropogenic tracers or for reconstructions of past environments (e.g. Grammer et al. 2017; Izzo et al. 2017; Mazloumi et al. 2017).

  • Development and validation of geochemical tracers (e.g. Izzo et al. 2017; Martino et al. 2017; Mirasole et al. 2017)

  • Assessing population structure of organisms (e.g. Izzo et al. 2017; McMillan et al. 2017)

  • Using archaeological otoliths to investigate species distribution and fish size changes (e.g. Disspain et al. 2017)

  • Marine ecosystem-based management including assessing ecological risk in a multi-use marine region, Spencer Gulf (e.g. Doubleday et al. 2017; Robbins et al. 2017; Smith et al. 2017).

  • Temperate trophic cascades: seal foraging and ecological interactions (e.g. Hardy et al. 2017; Provost et al. 2017).

Congratulations to Kayla, Jasmin and Matt who published their first research papers in 2017.

Links to all of our 2017 papers can be found on our publications page.