June 2018 news update

Congratulations to Jacob who was awarded the Michael Smyth Memorial Prize for the highest achieving Honours student studying an animal-based project. This was for his Honours research on “The changing conservation role of zoos through time”, undertaken in the Invasion Ecology Lab with Phill Cassey. Jacob is now working in our group on a socio-ecological assessment of Spencer Gulf. Also congratulations to all the students in the lab who graduated with BSc or BSc (Hons) degrees at the recent graduation ceremonies.

Congratulations also to Jarod Lyon who has now qualified for his PhD degree for his thesis titled “Restoration of fish populations in semi-arid ecosystems”. Jarod also received a Dean’s commendation for doctoral thesis excellence. He was supervised by Corey Bradshaw (now at Flinders Uni), Charles Todd and Simon Nicol with Bronwyn coming onto the supervisory panel when Corey moved to Flinders Uni around a year ago.

Well done to Matt who has had another PhD paper accepted for publication. Matt’s paper is titled “Natural tags reveal populations of Conservation Dependent school shark use different pupping areas” and is being published in Marine Ecology Progress Series (pre-press abstract available).Matt is heading to Sharks International conference in Joao Pessoa,

Brazil where he’ll present a talk titled “Where do they come from? Assessing pupping areas and female movements in Conservation Dependent school shark”.

Bronwyn was an invited speaker at the AMSA Qld postgraduate conference out on Stradbroke Island at University of Queensland’s Moreton Bay Research Station. We knew it would be touch and go for the ferry across from Cleveland and ended up watching it leave while we patiently waited behind someone sorting out a ticket for the next ferry! Thanks Dana for collecting me from the airport and taking me across. Met the students Friday night and then had a great day of workshops on the Saturday before postgraduate talks on the Sunday. Before leaving we managed to catch the bus up to Lookout Point for a short walk before heading back on the passenger ferry and onto the airport – thanks Anna for the ride to the airport. The views from Lookout Point were spectacular, the colours of the water awesome and we even saw some manta rays out underwater.

Bronwyn is also involved with the New York Academy of Sciences 1000 girls, 1000 futures program as a mentor. This week she is featured on this program and also the STEM Scholars program for the Ask Me Anything discussions.