January 2019 news update

I hope everyone had a happy xmas and a safe and relaxing break. There are lot’s of congratulations to be had. Congratulations to Kayla who submitted her PhD thesis titled “Tracking trends in hypoxia: a freshwater perspective”. Also congratulations to our Honours students Nikita and Koster who both received first class Honours degrees and to Matt who has now academically qualified for his PhD – this just means he’s met all the requirements for this degree. There is also a big congratulations to Nicole Foster, one of two recipients of the Max Day Environmental Science Fellowship for her project "Prioritising for success: Innovative approaches to management of coastal environments” – Nicole is supervised by a great women in stem team comprising Michelle Waycott, Alice Jones, Jen Young and Bronwyn Gillanders. There’s also congratulations to Alice, Angela and Sophie accepted on the CAPSTAN (Collaborative Australian Post-graduate Sea Training Alliance Network) voyage next April and to Nina who was awarded an Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) fellowship to investigate microplastics in Fiji.

Bronwyn was a keynote speaker at the International Fish Passage Conference in Albury. Her presentation focused on connectivity and movements using earbones of fish. Several other members (past and present) of the lab were also at the conference including Kat, Chris, Brenton and Anthony (Rex). We really should get photos of Gillanders lab alumni and current members when at these events!

New papers from the lab include:

Junge et al. (2019) Comparative population genomics confirms little population structure in two commercially targeted carcharhinid sharks. Marine Biology (not yet available on line)

Image credit: CSIRO ScienceImage (CC BY 3.0)