Past Honours Students



Molly Altschwager - Response of fish communities to a new artificial oyster reef.

Sophie Dolling - Developing a method to detect chemical tracers from plastics in seafood.

William (Bill) Goh - Population structure analysis of a coastal fish over heterogenous nursery habitat.

Sidney Heitmann - Estimating the above-ground biomass of the mangrove Avicennia marina using UAV-based imagery.

Tegan Lee - Assessing stock and population structure of three sympatric wobbegong shark (Orectolobus spp.) in South East Australia.

Vinuri Silva - First evidence of microplastics presence in Sri Lankan fish and a comparison to the same species in Australia.

Joseph Widdrington - The presence of microplastics in pelagic fish species of southern Australia.


Nikita Pring - Microplastics in marine sediment.

Koster Sarakinas - Analysing population structure and connectivity through otolith chemistry of stout whiting, Sillago robusta.


Jackson Stockbridge Quantifying mangrove condition in South Australia, and the effect on fish assemblages.

Nina Wootton - Quantifying fish assemblages in South Australian marine protected areas.


Yuexiao (Mandy) Shao - Calcium and strontium isotope constraints on water mixing, carbonate fluxes and fish migration in the Coorong Lagoon, South Australia. # GCA vol 239, 90-108


Briony Chamberlayne - Late Holocene seasonal and multicentennial hydroclimate variability in the Coorong Lagoon, South Australia: evidence from stable isotopes and trace element profiles of bivalve molluscs.


James Walker - Partial migration in the Coorong population of greenback flounder.



Kiana Day - Palaeoclimatology potential of the Australian floodplain mussel.


James Devenport - The effects of habitat degradation on early life history growth and reproduction in Galaxias olidus.


Jasmin Martino - Impact of elevated carbon dioxide on otolith composition and morphometrics. # JEMBE vol 495, 57-64


Matt McMillan - Vertebral chemistry to assess stock structure and population connectivity in a deep-sea shark. # IJMS vol 74, 793-803



Alyssa Giannoni - The effects of female size and age on the reproductive output of southern garfish.


Danielle Manetti - Use of bivalve shells as environmental indicators. # PPP vol 84, 89-96


Adam Schultz - The contribution of water to strontium and barium concentrations in the otoliths. # JFB vol 86, 1680-1698


Talia Wittmann - Application of sclerochronology to assess climate-growth relations in pinnipeds. # MB vol 163, 71



Kayla Gilmore - Determining environmental histories of freshwater fish using otolith chemistry.



Janelle Albertson - Factors influencing condition indices of golden perch.


Aaron Cosgrove-Wilke - Stable isotope analysis of beaks of cephalopods for inferring trophic structure.


Matthew Lloyd - Spatial variation in growth of snapper in South Australian gulf waters.


Rupert Mathwin - Using otolith strontium and barium to trace diadromy.


Simon Webb - Sources of otolith barium and strontium in black bream. # MEPS vol 453, 189-199


Morgan Disspain - Archaeological otoliths to determine palaeoenvironmental change & Ngarrindjeri resource use. # JAS vol 38, 1842-1857


Thomas Barnes - Effects of marine and hypersaline environments on element:calcium ratios in otoliths of two species.


Michael Decelis - A laboratory evaluation of a novel push trap for common carp. # MFR vol 61, 42-48


Jackie Dupavillon - Impacts of seawater desalination on giant Australian cuttlefish. # MER vol 67, 207-218



Ruan Gannon - Differences between fish assemblages of open and closed estuaries on Kangaroo Island.


Koral Hunt - Validating age in southern calamary. # JMBAUK vol 91, 857-863


Felicity McGovern - Effect of hypersalinity on otolith composition of the small mouthed hardy head.


Leanne Trott - Use of statoliths of prehatchling and hatchling giant Australian cuttlefish as natural tags. # GCA vol 101, 12-23


Phillipa Wilson - Interactions between an introduced predator and a small-bodied native fish. # SARDI Research Report Series 267



Nicholas Payne - Assemblages of fish along a mangrove-mudflat gradient in temperate Australia. # MFR vol 60, 1-13


Erin Sautter - Patterns in diversity and abundance of fish among estuaries on the Fleurieu Peninsula.



Katherine Cheshire - Otolith chemistry to track movements of a diadromous fish. # ASFB Conference Proceedings



Melita de Vries - Strontium facilitates barium uptake into fish otoliths. # GCA vol 69, 4061-4072


Jodie Haig - Reproductive biology and larval development of the featherstar Aporometra wilsoni. # Invert Biol vol 131, 235-243


Justin Rowntree - Patterns of species richness and abundance of fish in South Australian estuaries.



Brett Evans - Growth and condition of juvenile snapper.


Tanya Joyce - Distinguishing aquaculture and wild yellowtail kingfish via natural and artificial elemental signatures in otoliths. # MFR vol 56, 693-704



Ali Bloomfield - Fish and invertebrate assemblages in seagrass, mangrove, saltmarsh and unvegetated habitats. # Estuaries vol 28, 63-77



Travis Elsdon - Interactive effects of salinity and temperature on otolith chemistry. # CJFAS vol 59, 1796-1808


Published paper associated with research project