Welcome to Professor Bronwyn Gillanders’ laboratory group at the University of Adelaide. Our research group focuses on aquatic waters (freshwater, estuarine and marine) with a strong focus on fish and cephalopods, and environmental issues. The group is part of the Southern Seas Ecology Laboratories in the School of Biological Sciences and the Environment Institute. 


The Gillanders Aquatic Ecology lab group includes Postdoctoral Researchers, PhD students, and Honours Students working in freshwater and marine biology. We also have some visiting interns and undergraduate researchers. If you are interested in working with us please contact Bronwyn directly to discuss opportunities that may be available - please check out our research first to check that your interests align with ours.

News Highlights

January 2020

Welcome to the Gillanders Aquatic Ecology lab webpage and recent news.

Well it’s been a while since the webpage was updated.


2019 was a great year with 7 Honours students finishing up (2 in the middle of year and 5 at the end of year). We have three new Honours students, Ben D’Antonio, Sophie Russell and Milly Wood commencing early February 2020. More on their projects at a later date.


Our HDR (Higher Degree by Research) students also had a great year. Kayla Gilmore, Jasmin Martino, and Matthew McMillan graduated with PhDs in the April and September ceremonies. Two further students, Kelsey Kingsbury and Brenton Zampatti have academically qualified for a Masters of Philosophy and PhD respectively and will graduate during 2020, and Troy Rogers has submitted his PhD for examination. Kayla now has a position at the SA Department of Environment and Water, Jasmin is undertaking a postdoc at University of South Australia, Matt has a position with the Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Brenton has recently moved to CSIRO.


We’ve been fortunate to have five others in the lab throughout the year. Rufino Varea, from the University of the South Pacific, visited the lab as part of an Association of Commonwealth Universities fellowship (and Nina visited USP on the same fellowship). Molly Slater-Baker, a BSc Advanced student, undertook her literature review on hypoxia in marine systems in the lab. Tiahni Adamson, a BSc Wildlife Conservation student undertook a cadetship in the lab during 2019 gaining marine experience. Tiahni was one of two students selected for the inaugural Indigenous Time at Sea Scholarship and voyage on RV Investigator. James Peyla, a Fulbright fellow, also spent the year in the laboratory working on cephalopods and environmental change. Finally, Ashleigh Sharrad has undertaken a summer scholarship in the lab working on microplastics in fish and invertebrates and also investigating trade in swim bladders.


Congratulations to Alice Jones – she was not only promoted but also received the Dean of Science award for Research Partnerships and was instrumental in organising the second Seagrass Mardi Gras. We also welcome Patrick back to the lab.


We’ve run another trip to Timor Leste – this year we took 17 undergraduate students there. A highlight of our 2019 trip was interacting with the National University of Timor Leste students in Dili. Plans are in place for our fourth trip to Timor Leste in 2020.


It’s been a good year publication wise too – check out our publications page for the 2019 list of publications and links. We’ve also had an impressive range of graphical abstracts associated with our publications. 

For other recent publications please see either here (2019 publications) or here (2020 publications).


For regular news updates see our Blog page.

Check out our video below about the incredible science of fish ear bones made by Animate your science.

Word cloud summarising themes across our research